Eckert Byrne LLC is a boutique life and legacy planning law firm with offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
While our lives do consist of tangible assets, much of who we are and why we are stems from our values, family traditions and stories. Most people think that planning is done to avoid estate taxes, however we have found that most people are more concerned and motivated to plan so that their loved ones are secure.

Our experiences have taught us that life is fragile and can take some unexpected turns when you least expect, revealing the need to properly plan. We have a unique approach by guiding our clients through a discussion of their intangible values and their tangible assets.
We believe that our clients want to:

• Control their property during their life

• Make sure that they and their loved ones are taken care of

• Give what they want, to whom they want, when they want

• Do so in a manner that provides for the lowest taxes, professional fees, and court costs that are legally possible

• All while assuring their wisdom is transferred along with the rest of their wealth
In our experience, we have seen mistakes people have made and have learned that many of these mistakes could have been easily avoided if an integrated process had been followed. We have a holistic process to help you identify and achieve your goals and objectives. By taking the time to know your particular situation and educating you about planning options, we are able to enter into a relationship with you as partners. By working with us, you will understand what you need and why you need it.

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Whether you are an individual looking to plan for your loved ones, a business owner figuring out an exit strategy or a person who is looking for a way to give back through a charitable or non-profit entity, we are here to help you.

We have a unique approach to maintaining an ongoing relationship with you, so that we can help you make sure that your plan continues to work and that it fits where you are in life…so that you can enjoy life.

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